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Just like the subject line states…

Let’s start with some easy ones: Inaccurate commentary or misconceptions that might make potential readers skip over the book.

“This is just one guy’s list of his favorite albums”- Negated in the book’s introduction. I appreciate the importance of these artists represented in the book, but they do not, nor have they ever, fallen under the banner of “pleasure listening” for me (partial list off top of head): Beat Happening, The Jayhawks, Green Day, The Bottle Rockets, Jandek, Soundgarden, Young Fresh Fellows, much of the D. Johnston featured, and any TMBG that ISN’T “Ana Ng”…

“The ‘canon’ misconception” – This is a big one, and it’s also negated in the book’s introduction. These 500 albums are simply what I consider to be a great starting place…a solid backbone…of releases within the regional and chronological constraints that frame the list. Over 75 entries were written and scrapped during the final month of writing, mainly so that more bands could be included by way of at least one album. I could have easily written Gimme Indie Rock: 1000 Essential American Underground Albums 1981 – 1996, and the choice in phrasing (not “The Essential” but “Essential…”) was a paramount one. I totally understand the problematic nature of the term “essential” but went with it because it seemed the lesser of evils given the alternatives. Also, “great” or “awesome” or “amazing” or “rad” or “bad ass” or “fantastic” and the like might be more appropriate for my purposes, but were either dull or idiotic or never considered for obvious reasons. 

“It’s just one person’s opinion” – I have done nothing but eat, sleep and breath underground music culture and history for the last 23 years. I find the term “expert” to be a logical fallacy, as anyone who strives to be such can never really hit that goal if every living day is one of continued learning, etc, but if I am well versed in any subject, this book’s contents fall under that umbrella. More importantly, record guides and surveys in book form used to be one-writer affairs, more often than not, during their (first) heyday (this is my attempt to launch a second one). Group/crowd-sourced books are to be approached with caution.

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Here to look forward, not backwards…

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Any inquiries re: Gimme Indie Rock: 500 Essential American Underground Rock Albums 1981 – 1996 are encouraged to e-mail me at

Said e-mail address is no longer terrifying…


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Offer in previous post is no longer active!

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Moving forward…

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Buying A Record Guide In The Year 2014: Special Incentive Plan #1: Gimme Indie Rock: 500 Essential American Underground Albums 1981 – 1996!!!!

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The offer and how to enjoy it:

FOR a limited number of firstie-gen (I did not!) copies of my new book that I will sign, personally inscribe to each new owner, and ADD AN ERA-APPROPRIATE 7″ BY A BAND W/ ALBUMS COVERED IN THE BOOK,  PRICE!! Then, as a good reason to bring things back down from all-caps mountain, a back issue of The Cimarron Weekend #00005 from 1997/98 so recipients get the very first thing I (co-)wrote that had a cover price as well as the most recent (this late development also applies to everyone who has already placed an order).  Price: $30

Interested? E-mail and include your name and any instructions re: the inscription, as well as a stated desire to participate in this special, limited time offer, then I will reply with my Paypal e-mail (not the same!!). I should have a Paypal shopping cart active here by the weekend or early next week, so please accept my apologies for the “welcome to 2003!” ordering process at the moment.

PLEASE NOTE: The NM or better, previously-but-barely-loved 7″ accompanying your “Buying A Record Guide In The Year 2014: Special Incentive Plan #1″ order will be a quality offering I picked up on behalf of this (then-future) idea while digging around over the last month or two, and it will be a RANDOM selection from said lot. You don’t see these every day, but you don’t see them on the wall, either, if that makes sense. I cannot list artists or give any examples, as that would kill the spirit and fun of this, for better or worse, self-proclaimed “circa-now” experiment in promoting/peddling my own book. Once you receive your signed, inscribed, and 7″-accompanied book, hit Twitter with a pic & what you think of what I thought you should add to your 7″ collection…AND make sure to tweet me @GimmeIndie500!!



…then some cool things happen and get thrown into the sitch…

…and in reverse chronological sequence, this is the aforementioned back issue (#00005) of The Cimarron Weekend, the zine I co-published/co-edited/co-wrote from 1996 til 1999: Cimarron Weekend 00005

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