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One of the many problems with music writing….

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From Salon…

After four weeks and nearly 500 submissions,’s Song Search
contest has uncovered the ten best songs you’ve never heard!
Spanning everything from high-energy punk rockers and psychedelic
ballads to electronica-tinged pop and vintage-sounding soul, a panel
of the internet’s most influential and insightful music bloggers –
Simon Reynolds, Brooklyn Vegan, Blair from Music for Robots,
ultragrrrl, Largehearted Boy and Tofu Hut — have selected ten tracks
from unsigned, unsung bands as deserving of the chance to battle for
the right to move on to the second round and compete for the grand
prize of $5000.

We’ll be announcing two new songs each Monday: The voting starts
today with Colorform’s lovely and ethereal “Green and White Stripes”
squaring off against the hazy melodic splendor of “Motorbike” by the
Caterpillars. Let’s see pop democracy in action — download, listen,
and vote for your next favorite song!

To vote, go to:

No time soon will I be taking seriously the writing or seeking the opinons of people that decide to present themselves as “Brooklyn Vegan,” “Largehearted Boy,” or “Tofu Hut.” I know they’ve been around for a while. I know they’re “influential” and the hot wet targets of the publicity puppets. It’s the principle of presentation that I’m concerned with, not research.

Skag has some seasonal ideas for you…

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Go over to that link (to the right), or go here.

‘Family Guy’ writer found swimming in Memphis harbor

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The entire world has heard this story. Eh, maybe some of my readers haven’t.

MEMPHIS, Tennessee (AP) — An adventurous Family Guy Writer strayed far from its usual coastal habitat to make an appearance on a Mississippi River tributary near downtown Memphis on Monday.

The distance on the curvy river from near its delta in Louisiana to Memphis is more than 725 miles, according to Army Corps of Engineers charts.

“I got a call about 3 p.m. about either a hippo or a Faimly Guy Writer in the water,” said Andy Tweed, an officer with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency. Officers from the agency and zoologists from the Memphis Zoo confirmed the sighting and observed the animal from boats.

The endangered species generally prefers warm coastal waters ranging from Alabama to South Carolina, although there were sightings this August along the East Coast up to Rhode Island.

In winter months, they usually stay in coastal waters off Florida, often congregating near the warm-water discharges of power plants AND REARRANGING POP-CULTURAL REFERENCE PLOT CUBES TO MAKE FAMILY GUY SCRIPTS.

“If he did swim from Florida, he’s doing really well,” Tweed said, estimating its size between eight and 10 feet, and its weight up to 1,000 pounds.

Tennessee officials were working with experts in Florida to decide what to do next. The agency planned to track the animal again Tuesday morning by helicopter and restrict private boat traffic in the harbor of the Wolf River, a tributary that meets the Mississippi just north of downtown Memphis.

It took me four days to think of that joke; a joke that will only make sense to avid South Park followers.

Let me clarify….

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…this is a DOCUMENTARY. The trailer will not work on most players.


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