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The Mooch

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on April 26, 2007

The Jensen part of the Earles and Jensen comedy partnership recently assumed a character, traveled over the pond, and harrassed the Arctic Monkeys for the purpose of creating a viral video YouTube craze. All parties were in on this, though band and management didn’t really understand what they bit off.

Here’s Jeff’s message to the people:

“So as some of you may or may not know, I went Europe a few weeks back to terrorize the Arctic Monkeys. They’re a hugely popular “rock” band from Britain. Here’s a couple installments of the “viral videos”. Unfortunately the label and Band’s management and I didn’t see totally eye to eye on this and I feel that most of the truly fucked-up stuff stayed on the cutting room floor due to it’s crude and abusive nature. C’est la vie. There’ll be a few more installments. Feel free to check youtube in a week or so. Query ‘Artic Monkeys and Mooch.'”

Check some of it out….RIGHT HERE.


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  1. your friend k said, on April 27, 2007 at 7:42 am

    OK, this work computer has no Flash player nor speakers…this means I have to wait approximately 12 more hours to see this “Mooch” business.

    Why did I even look at this blog?!?!?

    (PS: I have started a promo tour for JFAL and The Jewish down here…you have fans in Florida!!!)

  2. your friend k said, on April 27, 2007 at 12:47 pm

    I am sure you saw the comments by now:

    arctic monkeys rule…no1 even knows who u r…wen ur popular then dis the arctics, in fact no dont…cos they will still be betta than u!!!!

    wow… your real desperate. your music is dead, get over it. there’s no need to say that about the arctic monkeys, they rule and you don’t.

    Your an idiot, typical american loser with no sense of style, fashion or normality.
    Go back to the hole you crawled out from and write a book about the ‘american dream’

    this video is a total crap u know ARCTIC MONKEYS are the bast band in da world so give me a break !!!!!!!
    and i’ll tell u somethin in my language “ELEOS EISAI ENAS XONTROKOMENOS MALAKAS!!! f@$@#k u

    Psychosis- “a severe mental disorder, with or without organic damage, characterized by derangement of personality and loss of contact with reality and causing deterioration of normal social functioning.
    OR He’s a comic Genius. Hmmmmm from Brooklyn!? I’m not to sure. but I’d buy him a beer either way.

    i want part 3 come on the mooch lol

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