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Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on July 30, 2007

Been a while, huh? I promise to write more posts. I promise. My eleven readers deserve it. I’ve been busy.

Ramping up on the freelance front, I’ll have a small handful of reviews (three, to be exact) in the September and October issues of Spin Magazine. Might have something in Vice soon, and two large comedy-based features in either the August or September issue of Harp Magazine.

I made a crucial mistake in the current issue of Magnet Magazine. In my metal-themed installment of Where’s The Street Team, I referred to Death Angel’s Pepa brothers as “Latino” when in fact, they are Filipino. Whoops. Perhaps I got confused, seeing as how Spanish is the dominate language spoken in the Philipines. Naturally, I was called out in the letters section. Magnet and Death Angel fans. Makes total sense.

Tonight, I’m writing a travel piece for the September issue of Memphis Magazine, even though I’ll be working from memory and it’s been three years since I’ve done any actual travelling pertinent to this feature.

A fourth remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Appropriate that Nicole Kidman stars, as she did in the godawful remake of another great 70’s horror film, The Stepford Wives. The new Invasion is PG-13 (strike one), and if you care enough, check out both Philp Kaufman’s ’78 version and Abel Ferrara’s Body Snatchers from ’93. Both are great.

So let’s end by rating some Ferrara films.

Driller Killer (1979) – Hilarious. Essential if you need another Grade D horror fix.

Ms. 45 (1981) – See above.

I cannot pick out the two episodes of Miami Vice that Ferrara directed.

King of New York (1990) – When someone spoofs or riffs on Christopher Walken, this movie represents a good reason why. Good crime flick, though.

Bad Lieutenant (1992) – See it if you haven’t. So over-the-top, laughable, and tragic that it’s amazing this film didn’t make more of an impact in the long run. This scene should push you to the rental store. Most of the other memorable scenes are also available on YouTube.

Aside from The Funeral (1996), it goes a little downhill in recent years. Or maybe I’m just lazy.


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Bill Maher was a much funnier man prior to his most recent HBO stand-up special, when he wore designer jeans and a t-shirt featuring a cartoon picture of a dragon smoking pot. Bill, you’re 51-years-old and rich. Buy a mirror.

Wow. I really don’t feel like making a post.

The funniest part of the Reno 911 movie? The previews.

I just won a Memphis Pros (our ABA team, ’70 – ’71) hat off of eBay.

Thanks, Dave!

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Colleague David Dunlap Jr. just turned me onto the Chingo Bling (and entourage) phenomenon. Giving further credence to the fact that the only important thing in Houston is Hip-Hop, this nuthatch deserves an audience. So as not to undermine Dunlap’s upcoming profile in The Washington City Paper, I’ll keep it short. Having invested a considerable amount of time and energy to Novelty Hip-Hop, I’m hooked for a few days. Just give the website a thorough run, and you’ll be hooked as well.

End your journey with the video by Chingo cohort, Coast (“Hennessey and Cheetos”). Scroll down to the player and browse the list. That sample? Nice, brazen lift.




I can only watch one David Lynch film

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…and it’s rated G. 

When I was 17, Wild At Heart was the shit. Tonight, mumbling on in the background, it’s unwatchable. To think of the 90’s retro-robot awfulness that this thing inspired. I can’t. Intense? Fucked-Up? Yeah, alright. UFO or Bigfoot documentary NOW please!!!!

Ok, I like Blue Velvet.

But that’s it.

Who out there has seen a little Brit-Caper called The Hard Word? Not bad!! Could have been baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!

Here’s the next ,and possibly last, installment of the SXSW table that I sat behind.


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