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ONE OPEN QUESTION. I’m going to start a series of posts. This is the first one.

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on August 30, 2007

They will be comprised of a very simple question, presented openly, to a band/artist/writer or others that I deem worthy. These questions will not be accusatory or fun-poking. They are honest inquiries.


1. An open question to the members of the band, Vietnam. Why did you chose the word “Vietnam” as a band moniker?

They say that “busy” is “good”

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on August 28, 2007

Well, I don’t, as Bleachy would say, “feel so good.”

On that note, look forward to major updates/news on Earles and Jensen Present: Just Farr A Laugh Vol. 1 and 2!!

This feature turned out nice. I wrote the entries for Courtney Love and Paul Stanley.

I reviewed the new Liars album in the September issue of Spin. For readers that are not writers, I want to stress how hard it is to compose a decent 90-word review, if “decent” is in fact what I managed. It’s an art I have yet to master.

Hey, check this out….

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on August 23, 2007

Dave Dunlap Jr. wrote this great piece in the Washington City Paper. Chingo Bling was impossible for me to explain (on this site) until now. Get on the Novelty Rap train, or bus!!!

Some entertainment in lieu of writing an actual post….

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on August 23, 2007

The inbox this week had a few YouTube suckerpunches.

Hey look, it’s the check fraud version of GBV/Bob Pollard!!

Make sure to watch this interview. Not allowed: Do not view these and respond with some sort of “this is so inept that it outsider art/savant/experimental!!” No, this is exactly what it looks like.

Now, the mirth disappears. Reason 561 why I stay within 500 yards of most indie films. I can’t bring myself to comment.

And reason 781 that I’m glad to be a writer.


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