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Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on July 29, 2008

Check out that comments section! I’m one of the “core” contributors to this book, but my action is hidden! I touch readers from the netherworld beyond the byline!!! 

Again, to smash a dead horse into the dusty, rain-starved earth, this is one of the three books published in 2008 that features my writing or editing touch. Buy it, or buy two and give one away as a gift, and do the same with the others, so that I don’t devolve into a negative ninnie posting useless comments on book review and sales pages all born of hatred and jealousy.

Take a look at the others by scrolling down or following THIS LINK.  

Check out the Earles and Jensen MATABLOG thread!!! HELLO-LARRYUS!!!!

….and why in the hell do I want one of these in mint condition. Station wagon, please!  

…and did any of my four readers go to this? Hosted at nice-guy Tom Hazelmyer’s hot spot, Grumpy’s, thus hosted on what feels like the other side of the planet from where I’m sitting right now, but as they say, “dems da breaks!!” Seriously, the heat is a little science fiction-ish right now, but where would I be without Memphis? In the f*cking toilet, that’s where!! Now I’m typing just to make this post seem longer!! Check please!!

Next biography that I’m going to read? This one!! No, I haven’t read it yet…not a word. I am currently in output mode. I am not in input mode. Time is so very tight, so expect some half-ass posts (more so than usual).

Check please, for real this time!! 

Viva Radio!!

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on July 25, 2008

Follow this Viva Radio link (that’s American Apparel’s online radio station, and it involves a former Vice Magazine bigwig or two, or I could just have my head up my ass)….you have to hit ‘play’ next to the “Earles and Jensen” drop-down menu. Listen to the “Me and You” show (parts 1 – 5 should be right there in front of you). Why am I making this demand? Because Jeffrey Jensen is the special guest (hence the “Earles and Jensen” billing)! I haven’t had a chance to finish listening to it, but that doesn’t mean anything…it’s worth your time. Enjoy!! 

A middle finger to my future as a lawyer, politician, or Fed-Ex employee.

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on July 23, 2008

A heartfelt apology is in order: I did not mean to make the fourteen readers wait several days for more of…….ME!

So far, this is the best coverage of Earles and Jensen Present…Just Farr A Laugh Vol 1 & 2 (The Greatest Prank Phone Calls Ever!). That’s a challenge to every other publication in existence. Get on the ball, people!! Get in touch!!

Following that link will put you in touch with a lot of our free MP3’s, and novices can take a look at one of the better Earles and Jensen/JFAL promo photos. Normally, I’d paste the article below, but doing so makes my site have a formatting seizure. For ordering info and MySpace friendship, see the appropriate pages to the right…over there above the links, you got it, so close…..

…and in case you missed one of the 819 times I’ve posted it, go HERE for the latest example of Earles and Jensen/JFAL YouTube fan fiction.

Earles and Jensen in EVERY (most) American Apparel locations!

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on July 9, 2008

What started as a beta test in the L.A. area has expanded to included other markets. I’ve had reports from Memphis (where I f*cking live) and Philly.

To recount, Earles and Jensen Present…Just Farr A Laugh Vol 1 & 2 (The Greatest Prank Phone Calls Ever!) is the first audio CD to be carried by American Apparel. Visit a location and buy a copy, or order online here!

One online reviewer (“Kate”) said….

“Maybe it’s pointless to try to explain why I like this CD so much because ultimately it’s just insanely funny. It’s joyously demented, stupid and incredibly astute at the same time. It represents a really fresh, weird perspective that comedy desperately needs right now.”



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