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Labor Day Special!!

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on August 30, 2008

Who aborted at some point, casually considered, finished but never released, or simply envisioned a concept album about the three-day weekend? Let me consult my fantasies (reasoning not an issue):

- Bob Seger (let’s start with the painfully obvious)

- The Boss

- Steve Earle

- The Ex

- The Refused

- Late-period John C. / M-Camp

- ’81 era Black Flag via Ginn, ’85 era Black Flag via Rollins

- Crass

- Rotten Sound





One thing I’ve managed to stay away from….

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…is writing about my heavy rotation pile. Partially due to a premature mid-life crisis (I am not old enough to have a proper one), a current project, and an envisioned project, I’m in a ’88 – ’00 mood. Vague? Well, it’s not to me (where it matters), nor does it define what’s doing it for me right now. Here’s what’s in the car and in the pile next to the stereo (in no order of importance):

Bailter Space – Wammo – The hooks! The hooks! You can’t write hooks like these!!!

Sebadoh – The Sebadoh – Their final proper album from ’99. How was it that this record disappeared? Take another, or take the first, listen…seriously, my fine readers, this is a great album.

Oneida – Preteen Weaponry – Latest and greatest show, or first installment, of my fave musical/artistic movement…..MAXIMALISM!!

Fucked-Up – Year Of The Pig 12″ EP – I have no idea what type of music this is, but it’s sure as shit not the “hardcore throwback” tag that some people love to shove at this band. Invest in some Q-Tips!! Yes!! “Invest in some Q-Tips!!” is the best I can come up with right now.

XTC – Some Single 1977 – 1982 – An excellent five dollar purchase for the lazy man in me.

Adam and the Ants – Dirk Wears White Sox – Timeless no matter what all the nimrods have done with the sound.

Meringue – Music From The Mint Green Nest – Made up for the bad Thinking Fellers record, but….there wasn’t a bad Thinking Fellers record, so I’ve said too much, that’s me in the corner…

Ground Zero – Pink  – Indirectly comes close to breaking my Zappa-Free LifeStyle rule, but the hooks and label (going for complete-discography status re: Reflex, for personal and professional reasons) win out. This is not the 90’s Japanese noise band, bee tee dbl you, this is the Twin Cities post-punk gem that did a lightning fast job appropriating the above-mentioned unmentionable with some less-grating heroes (Minutemen, mainly, though I hear some accidental or chronologically impossible Dead Milkmen, Camper Van, S. Trust, etc). Self-titled debut on Reflex is great, too, and very hard to find. Nabbed this one for a quick and painless six bux via the Bay. To note: There’s some pretty fascinating two-way nepotism going on with the guitarist/vocalist.

Treepeople – Guilt, Regret, Embarrassment – Wow. Loving it. Not aging well. That makes 3,987,982 of us.

George Harrison – All Things Must Pass – Someone write a book about this thing. Yep, I’m talking to you. You know who you are and you know that it’s worth the proposal time.

Emit Rhodes – MirrorWhat can I say? How about nothing.

Country Teasers – The Empire Strikes Back – How about some more of nothing (my commentary)?

Trumans Water – Godspeed the Punchline – This was released in 1993. Lend an ear to what is hyper-hip right now. Unbelievable.

Daryl Hall / John Oates – Abandoned LuncheonetteSeriously, how good is “When the Morning Comes”…..HOW GOOD IS THAT SONG?!?!?

Groundhogs – Solid - Yes, this is a solid album. Very solid.

The Sugarcubes – Life is Good ……and so is this album!!!

Bob Lind – Since There Were Circles – Title track is devastating…just devastating.

Epic Macro Massive Statements Hall of Greatness #983

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This blurb was forwarded to me by a close friend that recently came to town for a spell – family business – and I was too buried under deadlines to hang out. Instead of sending an e-mail detailing how much of a shitty friend I happen to be, he played into my love of what’s semi-defined in the title line. This post is not to imply that I will ever revisit Jodorowsky’s four faves of the 19 – 25 art school student set.

“In December 1974, a French consortium led by Jean-Paul Gibon purchased the rights to the movie from APJ. The director this time would be Alejandro Jodorowsky. In 1975, Jodorowsky tried to film the story as a ten hour feature, in collaboration with Orson WellesDan O’BannonSalvador Dalí,Gloria SwansonHervé Villechaize and others (nicknamed by him as “his seven samurais”). The music would have been done by Pink Floyd. Jodorowsky set up a pre-production unit in Paris that consisted of Chris Foss, a British artist who designed covers for science fiction periodicals, Jean Giraud (Moebius), a French illustrator who created and also wrote and drew for Metal Hurlant magazine, and H. R. Giger. Moebius began designing creatures and characters for the film, while Foss was brought in to design the film’s space ships and hardware. Giger started designing the Harkonnen Castle based on Moebius’ storyboards and Dali was to play the role of the Emperor for a reported $100,000 an hour. Jodorowsky also hired Dan O’Bannon to head the special effects department. Dali and Jodorowsky began quarreling over money and just as the storyboards, designs, and the script were finished, the financial backing dried up. Frank Herbert travelled to Europe in 1976 to find that two million dollars of the 9.5 million budget were already spent in pre-production and that the Jodorowsky’s script would result in a 14-hour movie (“It was the size of a phonebook” Herbert recalled). Although Jodorowsky took several creative liberties with his novel, Herbert stated that he and Jodorowsky had an amicable relationship.”



….slightly different Wiki-Take:

“Jodorowsky began working in 1975 on an adaptation of Frank Herbert‘s Dune. The project was intended to involve his son Brontis (Paul), Orson Welles as the Baron, Salvador Dalí as the Emperor, Mick Jagger as Feyd Rautha, Alain Delon as Duncan Idaho, Geraldine Chaplin as Lady Jessica, Dan O’Bannon for the script, Chris Foss, Pink Floyd, H. R. Giger and Jean Giraud (Mœbius). Ultimately, its funding evaporated, but Jodorowsky claimed it was sabotaged by the major studios in Hollywood because it was too French, a strange claim considering that Jodorowsky, while a naturalized citizen of France, has never identified with any particular country or culture (although the funding and his producer, Jerome Seydoux, were French). Many people close to the project claim that the set designs later turned up in Star Wars. Several of the people working on Jodorowsky’s version of Dune later worked on Alien with elements (specifically those designed by Giger) similar to that of the failed Dune project. Whatever the opinions, Jodorowsky was the person who persuaded artist Mœbius to begin drawing science fiction at the beginning of the seventies, instead of “limiting himself to the Western genre.” That decision triggered a “domino effect,” which led to a massive revolution in science fiction design on both sides of the Atlantic. Director Ridley Scott credits the influence of a few French artists of that time for his decision to bring science fiction to the screen. In the early 1980s, David Lynch would later make the first film adaptation of Dune.”

The greatest B-Day present ever.

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