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Recession Proof Business

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on February 25, 2009

I wonder how Josh is doing with this rock-solid business model. Scroll down. Also, please send all sealed copies of original Earache titles (especially Pitchshifter) to:

Andrew Earles

PO Box 820912

Memphis, TN 38182

My PO Box is located in the post office on Tunica St. I’m the guy hiding in the bushes, waiting for a gang of dudes marked identified by neck tats. Check the comment(s) on the previous post. Specifically the gentleman known as “fuck you”

Nurse, pass me the shotgun, a pillow, then leave the room, please…

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on February 19, 2009

Like many, yesterday’s Touch and Go news didn’t sink for me until I read that list of distributed labels. Now, I feel some weird hybrid of anger, depression, and curiosity…also a reaction that isn’t unique to me. For instant revenue, should they have used the past two years to rescue some of the back catalog from OOP status? That one of the original (in my head) “Big Four” (Matador, Drag City, Sub Pop, and Touch and Go) is falling to its knees is one thing. It assumes an entirely different meaning when considering that it will more than likely cripple one more from that list (Drag City), not to mention that Kill Rock Stars is no bedroom operation either. It matters none if you are or are not a fan of these labels; what matters is that this unwittingly sends a very, very bad message, one that won’t be expounded upon in the limited time before I’m scheduled to take a stack of ultra-rare 7″s to their new owner. Oh, and one that I’m not prepared to tackle, anyway.

Hello, It’s Me

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on February 17, 2009

How I can write a simple paragraph with one hyperlink and have WordPress get script-sick is…is beyond me and a little frustrating. I opened a trouble ticket and looked like a royal horse’s ass in front of whatever constitutes an I.T. goof these days. I have nothing else to say on the matter, but I DO have some on-the-spot blog-friendly material to coast on. 

Signs that the economic scorched-earth party is having an impact on Andrew Earles:

1. The cats have been switched to Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula

2. When I stare at my record collection, it’s with something other than admiration or pride (remember, it’s 2009, Earles, not 1999). When I pull certain records from the shelf, the cover art is obscured by wild hallucinations of groceries and phone bills and two extra memory sticks for the glorified abacus (purchased last August…some people call it a “Toshiba Satellite”…I call it “Get F*cked, Best Buy; I Love You, Consumer Reports“) I’m using to write these very words. I could go on with that list…and no, I will not relinquish my eBay ID.

3. When I’ve previously imagined getting on some human interest hot-streak re: Memphis’ alt-weekly, I can assure everyone that my pitch ideas WERE NOT dominated by “weird angles re: the horrifying economy” or the exploitation of a friend that just so happens to be a car dealership sales manager (he won’t mind, BUT NO BIRD-DOGGING FEES!!).

4. Relating to #3, I find myself drawn to reading any and every piece of journalism written about the economy (and its direct impact on certain things/people).

Time to loosen up. Gents and gentle creatures, I give you the very first ONLINE-ONLY installment of Where’s The Street Team!!!

Who wants to help me think?

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on February 14, 2009

On Monday, my crime fiction column/blog/call-it-what-you-want launches HERE (somewhere) and as of this posting, it’s nameless. This week (Monday – Friday) will feature five daily entries about George Pelecanos. In a real show of inventiveness, I’ve styled it as a career (very few thoughts on The Wire…the focus is books) overview ordered in some ill-defined “best place to start” fashion. Subsequent weeks will honor whatever I feel like honoring in the world of crime/mystery fiction. I’m excited, to say the least, but the name….what in the hell am I going to call it?


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