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An undeniably negative and weird week…

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on June 27, 2009

…that got better towards the end. My new goal is to become the man behind a sort of Nuggets for the late-80’s and 90’s (not an original idea, but more than one is allowed). Touching down in the middle of this fantasy scenario would see me reissuing the 1st Team Dresch LP after several comps and knock-out packages for the Fly Ashtray, Uncle Wiggle, Thinking Fellers, (sections of) Trumans Water, Boo Radleys, Lorelei, Moose, and A.R. Kane.

That was item #1

This is item #2:

Boy, I’d like to meet the lucky individual that won this auction. With a translator in tow, of course.


Welcome to!

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Trust me…it’s a lot better than ‘andrew.earles.the.actual.person’.

How is it that I’m a record geek…all over again?!?!? I sincerely believed such nonsense would remain a problem of the past. Watch now as I blend in with every other Blemming…(get it? It’s my catchy combination of “Blogger” and “Lemming”!!!!).

Finds Of The Week:

Radio Birdman “Radios Appear” original on Warners…white-label promo and all that business. Beautiful shape. Six bucks. Where? Oh yeah, of course…well, I got it from a guy in the woods.

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 “Porcelain Entertainments” LP (Fruit Tree) – This astronomically-priced-if-found-on-America’s-#1-Online-Auction-Site LP came running into my arms for $8 BRAND NEW. Back when I was nineteen or twenty, this beautifully-recorded live set circa ’94 (the TIME for this band) just so happens to be THE ONE TFUL 282 release that hid from me like Alex Chilton hides from French people. And I used to sort of…uh, follow this band (around the South…when they made it to the South). Am I going to launch into one of those “Before the Internet, I had to brush my teeth with ground-up silverfish in order to acquire even the lamest of new records…” tyrades? No, because I’m about to be late for dinner with my girlfriend and her folks. Perhaps I’ll tell the silverfish anecdote at the table. What’s that? Where did I buy this one? I’m sorry, so rude of me…I purchased it from a kiosk in a Ramada Inn lobby (Fox Meadows neighborhood, Memphis…go check it out!).

This post has been a TEST

This is officially the very first post on

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Welcome to, soon to be the destination when accessing

I’ll christen my new site with a link to something unflattering (besides the fact that I’m not going to post a hyperlink)…,10246/

Hint: Between a new Casiotone for the Painfully Alone CD, the hermetically-sealed…

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….download codes for the next Black Dice album (I hope it’s the proper album and not the upcoming Black Dice tribute project with Mouse on Mars, Solmania, Climax Golden Twins, Dead C, The Gospel Midgets, and Polar Goldie Cats, among others, tackling tracks by the band to which they owe their respective existences), and a free copy of Guitar Hero: Peaches, you might find a 5″ by 7″ book(let) about this decade’s greatest (mass) sociological/pop-cultural experiment(s). It’s around twenty-four, twenty-five pages and I wrote it. A month ago, it almost wrote me (off). Confused? Good.


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