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Instead of a BM each morning…

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on July 31, 2009

…this reinforces the fact that I’m alive.

Other than make me happy, I’m not sure what the best Trumans Water LP does for me. It was released in 1993 and is titled Godspeed the Punchline, a name I have decided to hijack for my own follies. Maybe. Or perhaps I’ll liberate one of these…introducing my Trumans Water Song Title Hall of Greatness Part I

“Stares From New Enemies”

“Vexation Fruits”

“Asleep Sneeze”

“Off Peak Season”

“Wind and Rain Over Wings”

“Curl Up to Yer Empty Years”

“Restore Restore and Destroy”

“Flying in a Coin Operated Universe”

“Shoe Lace or Else”

“Care Sliced Lies”

“The End is a Cinch to See Even Behynd Me”

“Lyrical Nozzle”

“Obstacle of Habit”

“Tiny World With the Jitters”

“60 Seconds Over Medium”

“Limping Towards Oblivion”

“Some Things Feel Rough”

“Say Hi to the Lie Machine”

“Magnetism and Good Credit”

“When Diet and Exercise Fail”

If a storm had decided to fry another laptop last Saturday morning, you would be graced with some songs. Soon, Grasshopper, soon….

New Zealand goodness that missed the Namedrop Stimulus Package

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on July 20, 2009

The Clean is a fine band; better than mediocre but certainly not great re: New Zealand pop/rock/other of the 80’s/90’s/00’s. I’ve only been able to tolerate one Chris Knox/Tall Dwarfs song (“Not Given Lightly”…predictably). I wish him a speedy recovery from the stroke, but his post-Toy Love output often scrapes a layer from the inside of my skull. Yes, it’s that irritating.

Personally, I find the following artists to be on a different, far superior level. Meaning, it may be my opinion, but it’s also 100% correct. Judge for yourself.

The Bats – “North by North”

While The Clean has about four or five songs that I’d ever classify as “special”, and none approach the greatness of The Bats’ “North by North”. Furthermore, The Bats made entire albums of this stuff. Feel like getting your hands on one? Need all of your plasma?

The Chills and The Verlaines are on the cusp of namedrop-flurry, but who gives a shit? You’re not going to listen to me, anyway. YOU WILL listen to these songs, however, and YOU WILL participate in the campaign to fill discount bins with Blank Dogs and Psychedelic Horseshit records!

The Verlaines – “Death and the Maiden” (1984)

The Verlaines – “Doomsday” (1983/84)

The Chills – “Rolling Moon” (mid-80’s…don’t feel like looking it up)

The Chills – “Pink Frost” (ditto)

I realize that this stuff is old news to most readers, but I have to run down my “post ideas” list in order, and this was next.

Oh, Bailter Space get a half-nod, but that’s not enough. Check it:

Bailter Space – “Splat”

[Artists: Unless preceded by a sentiment stating otherwise, if I post your song on my blog, your music is very close to my heart. In no way do I want to contribute to your problems. If you want me to pull the link,  simply drop an e-mail and it’s gone.]

If Garfield Hates Mondays…

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…does Heathcliff hate each and every day because he’s a homeless failure? There, that’s my impersonation of today’s stand-up comedy.

UPDATE! – New records added to the SALE page (glance to your right). Please control those fingers if any critical commentary comes to mind re: what I’m selling. Don’t make me slice-n-dice your taste until you’re placed under suicide-watch. Oh, I kid. Go ahead…let me have it, but let it be known that some of this stuff was acquired specifically for this reason.

Today’s music:

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 – “Heavy Head”

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 – “23 Kings Crossing”

Two of the 927 brilliant things this band could toss off with little effort. Shortly after I high-school ended, I did what most kids with a ton of friends do…I followed the Thinking Fellers around during a couple/three tours of the southern states. I fondly remember getting to pick the encore one night, which is odd, because I was incredibly drunk. Once I became “the guy that was at the New Orleans show” and so on, I would never again repeat such fanboy tendencies, because there would never again be a band like this one.

Records & Dignity for Sale!

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on July 12, 2009

Glance to your right. After you listen to the wonderful songs I’ve decided to post, please visit the page titled “Records & Other Crap I’m Selling.”  

More foward-thinking brilliance courtesy of Fly Ashtray:

Fly Ashtray “Dead Louise” (1991)

Fly Ashtray “Soap” (1991)

What’s that? You want to hear a solid song by a marginal band? First-wave shoegaze is a good place to look for such a thing. Found it!

Moose “Jack” (1991)

I remember seeing the video for “Jack” on MTV’s 120 Minutes, and little else about the experience, other than really liking the song and a brief search for Moose on factory-cassette.


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