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Sleep Deprivation = More Blogging

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on August 13, 2009

Barring 2 – 3 naps averaging 2 – 3 hours a pop, I’ve been awake since Sunday night (see August 10th post). Here, I’ll prove it: I just forgot what this post was originally supposed to be about. I’m not going to leave you with that low-rent copout, however, hence the following unrelated thoughts:

- I try to avoid the negative persuasion of the backlash/over-exposure process. If anything, it makes me more curious. Sadly, this was not the case with The Vivian Girls. I heard one song to my liking then ignored the band without making a decision to do so…until two days ago. I even interviewed one of them for The Memphis Flyer as a part of my Gonerfest 5 cover story (it’s not a very good piece of music journalism…you are encouraged to forget it exists), but my “research” placed no new V.G. tunes in the frame of reference. Then, via a friend’s copy, I listened to the In The Red record from start to finish. My only question is: What’s the problem here? Other than my inherent distrust and distaste for “full-lengths” at 45 RPM that don’t happen to be half-speed masters, this is a great fucking record. Every song has a big fat melancholic hook delivered with what sounds like fear, urgency, and dare I say, genuine belief in whatever the hell she’s singing about. It sounds like the record that I’d expect The Vivian Girls to make in 2014, after life and all of this bullshit (see previous post) has given the ladies a good beat-down. Damn, THAT record is going to be a masterpiece! Can’t wait! But you didn’t answer me…what problem could you possibly have with this album? Or the band for that matter? What, they don’t deserve their mercurial rise to relative fame? They’re attractive? Good. I just so happen to live in a “No Ugly Chicks!” zone, so that works out. They didn’t “pay their dues” dog-paddling the backwaters of obscurity for five years, so everyone should’ve paid attention to your exercise in mediocrity and flat-out thievery instead of this truly wonderful little record? Oh, they’re thieves, too…that’s it. It’s just The Shags combined with MBV. No, it’s not. The Shags record is an unlistenable atrocity that I’ll never, ever listen to on my own accord. All copies should be destroyed. If you think otherwise, you’re a dishonest fart blossom under the misconception that you actually like some grating garbage that a handful of cobweb crotches deemed “essential” and “cool” years and years ago. And that goes for 95% of what is considered “outsider” music. I command each and every self-respecting music fan to donate all outsider records to me (like you listen to them…a load of crap!). I will physically destroy the records, and recycle the remains into a giant water-park or perhaps the world’s longest bridge. You know…something interesting and fun. Where in fuck’s sake is this post going? Dunno, but I’m going to bed. A (very) belated kudos to The Vivian Girls for releasing a hyper-catchy album within the past two years; a feat that can’t be understated.

Oh yeah, due in part to the deafening silence it weathers, but mainly because this isn’t the forum for the opinions of those named something other than “Andrew Scott Earles”, I’m turning the comments section OFF (whenever I wake up). If you’re not a lazy bag of turds, there is that e-mail link sitting over there to the right or left, and I’ll probably post what you send. Note: Your gripes will be made to look stupid, regardless if making them look stupid makes me look stupid.

[There is currently a 71% chance I'll delete this post upon waking with a semi-sensible man's head on my shoulders...]


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  1. Kristin said, on August 19, 2009 at 8:39 pm

    While I haven’t heard the LP, I still think the Vivian Girls, though attractive (yes, this aside sounds awkward wherever you put it, so keep that in mind!), are rather boring and the best I can say of what I’ve heard of them is they are a slightly-above-average member of the consistently derivative of the “something that I listened to whilst high, picking grime off my china flats and slurping ramen circa 1987″ brigade we are often faced with these days.

    Perhaps the LP will change my snotty-ass tune.

    That being said, I liked their spread in a recent issue of Nylon (I think it was…). Cute!

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