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“Crap You Pay Attention To-Rock”

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on September 28, 2009

See, we’re going to keep things positive around Earles HQ….for a while. The new Pissed Jeans LP King of Jeans (Sub Pop) is indeed KING OF 2009 and based on the WHELMING impact leveled by their last record, my declaration colors the cheeks with rosy surprise, yes it does…

Is this what touring does to a band? Or rather, is this what touring does to a band like Pissed Jeans? Lofty Jesus Lizard credit line has been established with this one, but hey, the good shit is the good shit. Sometimes it just takes a fair amount of bands hammering away at one thing before someone pushes out a record like this. And I gotta say…the lyrics are great and I will never be able to articulate why, so don’t ask.

Just wait, one morning you’re going to wake up to me all up in this critical business like the Pauline Kael of…..of…..crap you pay attention to, all making and breaking careers and whatnot.

That’s it! The genre name that will heretofore be used to classify what everyone worries too much over? “Crap You Pay Attention To” or “Crap You Pay Attention To-Rock”…..whaddupwiddat?!? Like it?

2009? Not a fan…

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on September 20, 2009

But maybe you’re a fan of the Strapping Fieldhands, or more specifically, of their 1993 debut, Discus. No? Get it together, people. I’m not asking.

Luckily, this has been made easy by Shangri-La Projects’ (very) recent reissue of said album. It’s something I would post about even if it didn’t feature liner notes concluding with “Andrew Earles, May 2009″….and fill only two panels! 

Speaking of the early-90’s….AGAIN.; about a taste of brilliance that, like the Fieldhands, predicted what’s hot today (a different “hot”)….

The genius of Mercury Rev circa 1991 – 1993:

Mercury Rev “Meth of a Rockettes Kick” (1993) 

Mercury Rev “Downs Are Feminine Balloons”

Mercury Rev “Frittering” (1991, Peel Session…”Lego My Ego”)

Mercury Rev – “Coney Island Cyclone” (ditto)

…and I’m proud to provide uninitiated readers with the greatest pop song of the 90’s….

Mercury Rev – “Car Wash Hair” (1991)

I’m all about setting records…

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on September 4, 2009

….and that was the longest I’ve ever gone without making a post to my blog; long-gone years-back days notwithstanding.

I just returned from Minneapolis/St. Paul after almost a week of greatness, confusion, terror, disorganization, awfulness, education, productivity and many other emotions or intangible aspects but that’s all I’ll state at this moment.

I did not fly.

I’m still diffusing and will soon by taking what my editor calls “a content shit”….

…that makes for TWO poo-jabs within a month, and this is a blog that generally steers clear of such.

Thoughts go out to David Dunlap Jr., as his stepfather succumbed to a heart ailment on Monday.


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