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Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on November 28, 2009

Those looking for amazing deals and dirt cheap Christmas presents are encouraged to immediately visit the “Records I’m Selling Page” (to the right). I’ve declared WAR on high record prices! Please read the instructions first, as I don’t have time to hold your hand. The list will be updated by the end of 11/28/09

[Attention hagglers: Do not initiate The Haggle. It will be a waste of your time and I’ll post our correspondance RIGHT HERE. The world will laugh and celebrate as I slice and dice you with my favorite insults! Celebrate? Yes! Soon you will be visiting Best Buy’s Geek Squad after a steady flow of tears causes massive laptop failure, thus preventing your meaningless online personality from sustaining itself against the resounding groans of others (electrocution optional).]

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I just noticed….

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on November 26, 2009

….that formatting foul-up screaming out of my blog about four posts south. I noticed this because my girlfriend took the bait (two or three posts south), so I naturally came home and made a bee-line to with the “Uh oh, what kind of dumb shit have I been posting?” concern. The point is…I’m going to fix that Matablog post. Soon…

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A kudos…

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on November 23, 2009

Not sure about you (not sure I even asked), but I think this corner of the information highway needs to project a little positive energy. I’m genuinely elated to see emerging as an entity superior to 99.9% of the sites/blogs in this suffocating vortex of shit-writing and mediocre interests. I make this claim with Magnet’s ‘Guest Editor’ feature in mind; specifically the two most recent subjects. Refreshingly, the urge to phone-it-in seems rather alien to both of these gentlemen.

Check it out.

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Read this and spit at my feet…

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on November 21, 2009

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