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Yes, I deleted a post.

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More Reviews and Self-Promo

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With each post, this thing smacks more and more of the self-serving reasons I ignore your blog.

Some recent reviews (front-loaded in a nice grouping of all 61 I’ve written for Still Single/Dusted…)

Stop if you think you’ve heard this one before…no, not the greatest Smiths song, but the little bit of knowledge that I’ve got a rather large project in my life, and this rather large project is in the home stretch. If you like to read words without opening extra browsers, I’m referring to my Husker Du biography. If you like to follow links to pre-order pages   for books with working cover-art, shoot on over here. Whoops, I hate it when someone gives me the same gift two birthdays in a row, too. If I remember correctly, it happened with Sorry (the board game) five times between grades 2 and 6. I must confess, this book has taken on several, if not numerous, “identities” in my life over the past twenty-five, twenty-six…wait a second, what am I doing writing this go-nowhere post? I need to start writing this book!! So Metal Circus is the first point on the “Husker Du Timeline”, right? When did that come out? 1988? Shit, I guess I should try to get these dudes on the horn. Ok, I’ll start with the keyboard player. “Directory Assistance, I need the number for [LOUD BEEPING NOISE], please. Thank you, ma’am, and I can’t wait to visit your beautiful lakes when I break from some rigorous on-location research several years from now! I’m not sure when I’ll be ready for that manner of….what? Oh, of course, some outsourcing in action! Not sure I’ll ever be writing about a band from India…I can’t hear myself think when that racket is playing. Kudos on the good eats, though! Hello?” Ok, let’s try that key-tickler…Shiite Militia! That guy did not like me at all! Maybe I’m not cut out for this book-writin’ beeswax!”

Could it be that this type of GONZO NON-PARTICIPATORY JOURNALISM can be considered my strong point?

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If I ran a reissue label…

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on January 20, 2010

…which I will be doing by the end of 2010. I’d be all over some of this bizwax:

The first Built to Spill LP Ultimate Alternative Wavers

Any Fly Ashtray

The Jewish (“reissue” is the wrong term – 2003…I think….performance on Terre T’s Cherry Blossom Clinic)

I’d do a 7″ of Space Needle’s “Starry Eyes” and “Before I Lose My Style”

Sloan Smeared ….. maybe, but def “Two-Seater” and another great track.

I’d do a Trumans Water box set, bitches.

The first Grifters LP So Happy Together

That’s right. And that’s all for now.

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A Cockfight of Feelings

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on January 15, 2010

Jeff Jensen coming to Memphis in two days? Maybe so. Here are some other things that make me smile right now:

When Silkworm is good, it’s some undiscovered realm above and beyond “great”…

…and that goes for Joel R.L. Phelps as well. He wrote and sung this early Silkworm hair-raiser:

“Raised by Tigers”

I used to say my favorite Silkworm album was Firewater, but now it’s between a few titles. To clarify, no one ever asked me what my favorite was….until recently. A highlight from Firewater:

“Don’t Make Plans This Friday”

Blueblood is my least favorite Silkworm record, but the first track is a fucking killer. Hear for yourself:


Well, now that I think about it, the best Silkworm record is clearly Libertine, the last one with J. R. L. Phelps in the fold. Get learned with these highlights:

“There is a party in warsaw tonight”

“Grotto of Miracles”

“A Tunnel”

My girlfriend loves this song:


Not so long ago, I tried to covertly turn her onto Silkworm. I understand that. Silkworm is a man’s band, and I mean that in the best possible way…towards women and Silkworm. I think my girlfriend was secretly pissed when I told her “Contempt” was by Silkworm.

At the risk of losing you, dear reader, to the most cliched bullshit I’ve ever entered into this WordPress application, this is music that has truly gotten me through some shit, if you will. 

I could listen to the following songs over and over without ever growing tired of them.

“The Ram”

“A Cockfight of Feelings”

“Severance Pay”

“Couldn’t You Wait?”

I don’t know what “Couldn’t You Wait?” is about, but back in 1996, right after this version was released, I know that I used the term “an emotional holocaust” to describe it during conversation with a girl who never spoke with me again.

Their amazing Shellac cover:

“Prayer To God”

Shellac original version is the tits, too.

A message to those unfamiliar with Silkworm: If you didn’t recognize at least a shred of what makes each of those songs special, we have nothing to talk about. Ever. Enjoy your awful life.

Conversely, if you are on the level, even slightly, go to iTunes and buy all of this. Give the surviving members of this band a reason to look forward to the mail.

Lastly, if you are a label person or band member and you object to this post, please contact me and I’ll remove it asap. It was never my intention to complicate anyone’s life.

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