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Check out this superior destination:

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This guy’s got the right idea. Soon I’ll be posting some pics (and perhaps sounds) of my recent $1 – $3 finds that I wouldn’t sell for $100 a pop (well, who’s to say, really?).

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I just perused the selection of pictures that will be used in my book…

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…and the previously-unpublished one that constitutes the cover? AMAZING!! The best early-career photos were taken in ’80 and ’81  by the late Minneapolis-based photographer Steve Hengstler. And to Annie Hengstler, a lifetime of thanks is in order. The cover photo, when not obscured by, uh, the cover, is mind-blowing in its full-color glory. Of the 40 images, not one BUT TWO are literal caricatures of the band.

Pre-order my book by following that link that you skipped over.

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Positive Notes

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Better Writers

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The anti-Earles force at work in The Universe decided to utilize First Tennessee Bank for its dirty-work. What that means is that it’s quite hard for me to dedicate the proper brain-power to writing when preoccupied with life-maintenance. Even so, this blogger could out-articulate me on my best day when it comes to sizing up this year’s most irritating musical trend. But why would I be comparing the two of us in the first place? Only because someone else did.

Here’s a link to the essay in question.

Here’s the essay:

Posted Friday, July 30, 2010 by Biomusicosophy

Big Trouble In Total Trashville

Big Troubles is another summer fun beach boardwalk indie pop band from Ridgewood, NJ, an 88% white, upper middle class spot, and even though tons of these bands are coming from the area and many bloggers are writing about them, none have criticized them for the same reasons they are quick to criticize Vampire Weekend. The only difference I see is that, while Vampire Weekend went to Ivy League schools on their parents’ dime, the Ridgewood vibe is more like “I’ll live in my parents’ basement forever in the suburbs, occasionally go to the beach, eat junk food, think about how fun my childhood was, and have homoerotic relationships with all my childhood friends.” I much prefer the Vampire Weekend model to this, because at least they moved on rather than stagnated, and at least their bourgeois conservatism isn’t cloaked under the fuzzy production of the proletariat and the deceptively harmless summer fun mood that punk rock tried to destroy in the 70s.

In this new Big Troubles video, the band drives around and eats fast food at multiple restaurants until, for the grand finale, they vomit. This mindless praise of bourgeois consumption exemplifies the entire subgenre of indie beach summer pop that is popular right now, perpetuated by tons of blogs, mostly those that have been absorbed recently by P4K’s Altered Zones site, which was designed by the master to promote this dangerous capitalistic conservative shit disguised as summer fun beach ball pop. (At the time of this posting, 830AM, four blogs affiliated with Altered Zones-Rose Quartz, Chocolate Bobka, Transparent, and Delicious Scopitone-have posted this Big Troubles video proving, among other things, that the circle jerk is almost complete).

The portrait of the new popular indie subgenre: rich white kids driving around on a summer day and eating massive amounts of food in order to vomit in their video and look “cool.” Whether it’s that moronic, middle school pop of Best Coast (and if P4K doesn’t lose its last traces of credibility for giving their album Best New Music status, then those who still rely on it for their tastes should no longer be considered capable of critical thought, and thus, arguably, no longer human) or this destructive-consumption-is-oh-so-cool trash, this shit needs to be taken out quickly like a rabid animal, or a Nazi, or a zombie. I urge all of you writing and listening to this stuff to think about it a bit. It’s total trash. Aside from being conservative and intellectually light for a 7 year old, it sounds fucking horrible.

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