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The worst record released in the 90’s is less than three feet to my right…

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Responsible party? One-half of Deep Wound

Not for Sweet Apple fans....

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Perhaps I wasn’t clear in my last post. Between one and two days ago, I asked readers to pre-order my biography, but it appears as if I have no readers. Oh, people are ordering books all right, yes they are, books like Raise A Man-Hater That Rocks and My Mom is a Marketing Dept: The Valient Thorr Story.

I guess you need me to hold your hand or provide a leading example. I will order my own book. You will watch the magic. Then you will create the magic.  

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1 month, 3 weeks, Husker Du: The Story of the Noise-Pop Pioneers Who Launched Modern Rock

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I am now inside of the crucial two months leading up to the publication of my first book, Husker Du: The Story of the Noise-Pop Pioneers Who Launched Modern Rock. The writing process altered my life in wonderful, awful and many ways in between; the textual unpacking of which will be reserved for another time. Right now, it’s time for you, dear readers, to get drunk on power. Or pleasantly buzzed. Maybe just an awful headache that can only come from hitting ditchweed through a gravity-bong? No? Ok, I will now give you the power to get drunk…….with power:

Go to this page.

Find my book….last night it was #32. Tonight, it’s number #72. I’ve always got a surplus of big ups for my colleague Ian Christe and his Bazillion Points imprint, and I’m happy to see one of his titles in the #1 spot (The History of Swedish Death Metal) and another one elsewhere (the Touch & Go anthology). And I realize that ordering my book is a proposition saddled with a wait of almost two months. But watch what happens when you order my book (after another wait until the hour hits). Change!! You control the weather! Well, not really, but you do get to see my ranking change to another, more impressive position. Get your buddies to order it and strap yourself in for a hell-ride all the way to…….to……#1?!?!?! Imagine you’re behind the wheel of a semi-famous monster truck – not Bigfoot because that’s too famous…..maybe a Gravedigger or one of similar ilk – rolling over American Hardcore and the 33 & 1/3 treatment of The Pixies Doolittle, books that should be hustling spare change and BJ’s in the remainder bin. Get blacked-out drunk with power!!!!! NOW!!!!!

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Playing live…

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This must be what?….1995?

You know, I never got into Hum. That makes little sense, as this would have been right up my alley cat. Dudes might have a year or two on me, but I dressed exactly like that.

And why is Party of Helicopters not recognized for what they were doing more than ten years ago? Granted, this is a poor representation of how perfectly the vocals worked with the rest of the action.

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