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I guess I should go ahead and screw my life up by stating that…

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…I am probably a believer. At least, I have always held an ill-defined interest and believe more than I disbelieve. Still, I don’t know what is happening, nor do I know what is going to happen. I am, however, convinced that SOMETHING is going to happen soon. 2011 has surpassed, exponentially, any previous year in terms of the sheer number of occurences (sightings, etc). What am I going on about? Well, explain this:


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Jagjaguar fights the good fight….

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Good to see a label directly moving against the flow of obvious, unneeded or overrated late-80’s and 90’s content enjoying reissue treatment, not to mention the related campains that might be needed but come with built-in unit-moving security (Ride, MBV, Ween, Mazzy Star, etc).

When it comes to the mysterious non-movement of truly skewed noisepop from the aforementioned era, few bands are good for a resounding “Who??” as The Supreme Dicks.

HERE’S A LINK to Jagjaguar’s recent Supreme Dicks reissue project. This is an endeavor based solely on the high quality of the music and/or a love of this music via the label or someone at the label. This is a ballsy shot at “spreading the word” and speaks volumes about integrity and heart. Other labels take notice: Got a band or two that keep things running smooth? Channel it into pulling some lost brilliance away from the abyss of terminal obscurity, but for fuck’s sake, stay out of the 70’s and most of the 80’s for a change! In closing, it should be noted that The Supreme Dicks’ body of work is not one of those “it’s uber-obscure therefore it’s good!” situations. This stuff is unlike anything made during the Era of Inspiration and Invention (1985 to approx 2005), though it could have (and probably was in a case or two) inspired some of the unfortunately-tagged “Freak Folk” concern of the 00’s.

There’s a short essay I wrote about The Supreme Dicks’ The Unexamined Life LP in THIS BOOK. Check it out…

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Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on October 21, 2011

Apologies if this caused any confusion or if anyone did not see the new info via Temple’s site. THE NEW DATE FOR MY SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT IS…



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What’s The Haps, continued…

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on October 6, 2011

Check this out. Yep.

Read this book immediately:

Retromania: Pop Culture’s Addiction to Its Own Past

by Simon Reynolds

….and I quote one of my favorite moments thus far:

(on Minimal Synth…)

“…describes a seemingly inexhaustible seam of do-it-yourself electronic music from the early eighties that low-budget and usually self-released, often in cassette-only form. Minimal synth consists of groups who would have been Depeche Mode or Soft Cell if they could have come up with a tune, plus Suicide/DAF/Fad Gadget clones. Mutant Sounds’ Eric Lumbleau says he recalls first seeing the term used on eBay circa 2003 and believes it was ‘developed by canny record dealers in order to recontextualise yesterdays bargain-bin private-press synth pop/new wave albums as tomorrow’s mega-rare treasures'”

Well, it looks like I’ll have some positive things to say about the state of music-writing/cultural-criticism if this book is a door to a directional shift in the near future. “If”…..!!!! Let’s just say it is! Kudos…Simon Reynolds!!!


This guy looks a lot like me, but I’m actually a fan of these guys’ work with Public Enemy and N.W.A.  Upon witnessing them struggle to get a broke-dick deactivating-bot back in the truck, I would surely decide on something other than “keep ‘em flyin'”…

You can't see it, but the bomb-bot is hooked up to a glorified jump-box. Wait, how did I know that?











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