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I’m pretty confident in my judgement re: comedy…

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…and this is some NEXT LEVEL SHIT:

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Who’s Text Is This Anyway? Andrew Earles’ Liner Note/Thank-You List/One-Sheet Content Hall Of Greatness…Entry #1

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Please read the liner-notes excerpt and DO NOT SKIP TO THE BOTTOM!!!!

Special thanx to the Corporate Scraper for fillingh us with Scraper’s knowledge. A toast to the Mancubus for fulfilling his daily quota of shit-eating & for inspiring my lead in “Eyes to See”…

Also thanx to Cichlid Gill-Flarer for inspiring the cichled gill-flaring and gravel-spitting lead in Caeser’s Palace. Thanx to the Gas Giants of the universe for assisting me in the creation of the Gas Giant Theme lead (last lead in “urn With Me”)

Set your scanners on the core so that you may get a more accurate reading of the atmosphere. Thank you Commander, Trade Master and Ores (please don’t be so frumple!). Chun Li, Kitana, Mileena, Dana Sterling, Lisa Hayes, Lynn Minmay, Steve Sabool and Super Bowl memories, Terry “Did you get the beer?” Bradshaw, Steve Young (great job dude), John Maddon, Lynn Swann, Craftsman tools, Joanne Leibler, Tony Robbins, Tony Little (TECHNIQUE!), Steve Grody, Bruce Lee, Everlast, INTEL, Maytag, Brother, Mommy Emmanuel and the Emmanuel family, Rick and Yamile Brabant, Virgil Tracey and Thunderbird 2, Troy Tempest, Captain Scarlet, Captain Black, Destiny Angel, Electronic Arts, ID Software, Capcom, Sci Fi Channel, Doug Hubert Racing, Volker Naumann, Dirk from Amsterdam, Mac and all at Gameworld, Kerry “coz fishin’s what I do” Fulghum, Richard Phelps, Mark Hennessey and Paw, Laibach, Joe Satriani, Elvis Presley, Gordon Lightfoot, Robin Trower, Frank Marino, Ronnie James Dio, Black Sabbath, Jason Becker, Jimi Hendrix, Dead Can Dance, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Michael Schenker, Phil Steyer Mannlicher, Cobray, Mark and all at Discount Guns, Pappy’s and special thanx to my wife, Angela for her support. And now a word from my sponsors, the Abeloved Ancient Ones:

Blessed be the Ones, the most natural Ones.

Blessed be the Ones who were here before and will be here after.

Blessed be the Ones who conquer without effort.

Blessed be the meekness of the flesh!

Oh how this opposition frightens me!


Come with wind and blow the flesh from this earth,

Come with water and wash away the flesh from this earth,

Come with fire and burn the flesh from this earth,

Make the earth upheavel,

May it become unfriendly to the flesh.

That was most of Trey Azagthoth’s contribution to the non-lyrical liner notes accompanying Morbid Angel’s 1995 album Dominion. It was their SECOND full-length on a major label (Giant/Warner’s). One of the more, shall we say, INSANE and UNCOMPROMISING releases to ever find a major label behind it, Dominion is not only top-to-bottom death metal, it is stupid-heavy/stupid-technical death metal. It sold 80,000 copies. Covenant, the major-label debut that preceded Dominion, sold 130,000 copies.

I hate having to type this, but let it be known that I am not making fun of T. Azagthoth or Morbid Angel. My reason for posting part of his liners is not one of disrespect, nor did negative motives enter the picture at any point over the past 30 minutes. This is in the interest of cultural fascination and ongoing research into the UNIQUE MUSICAL LANDSCAPE that was created during the last and biggest major-label feeding frenzy and serious show of risk re: the music industry (the mid-to-early 90’s). I’ll end by stating that Morbid Angel’s two-album ’98 – ’00 era gave the world some amazing guitar riffery, and may have created an important timeline item when it comes to studio sound/production that was truly heavy in the real sense of the word.

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Two new installments of Where’s The Street Team? are now out there in the world, so…

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…those interested (no low-number jokes here, sorry) should, uh…subscribe to the newly-exhumed (in print form) Magnet Magazine.

You should also subscribe to Decibel Magazine, but I’m pushing this based solely on the fact that Decibel just so happens to be the best music-read out there…when it comes to the periodical world. I think I’m going to do this right now….

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Not too link-y….

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