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Promo’ing the better half…

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After all the grand ideas and pitches from 2009 that I flubbed with then-impulsive displays of impatience…

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….my word on Record Store Day finds itself in The Memphis Flyer.

[pasted from the Memphis Flyer site…]


Memphis Flyer Guide to Record Store Day 2012

by Andrew Earles


Compared to the humble inaugural event in 2007, Record Store Day 2012 — this Saturday, April 21st — might as well be a WWE Smackdown: There’s Iggy Pop as the official Record Store Day “Ambassador,” in-store events taking place across the country at most of the participating 700 independently owned-and-operated record outlets, and let’s not forget the other paramount aspect of Record Store Day … more than 300 official Record Store Day titles to be released only at these locations.The unprecedented scope of this year’s Record Store Day is evident on a local level as well, with Seattle’s Light in the Attic Records sponsoring the Memphis Record Store Day Crawl. To coincide with the label’s official Record Store Day release of Never To Be Forgotten: The Flip Side of Stax 1968 – 1974 — a lavish boxed set of 10 vinyl singles that collectively cover the final days of the legendary Memphis soul label and come packaged in a hand-numbered edition of 4000 — three DJ/meet-and-greet hours will be set up throughout the afternoon at Shangri-La Records (2-3 p.m. featuring DJ Buck Wilders), Goner Records (3-4 p.m. featuring DJs Zac and Eric), and then the finale at a satellite record shop located in the Stax Museum itself (4—6 p.m. featuring DJs Leroy and Jones, plus free admission to the museum for these last two hours). Keeping with the Record Store Day tradition/policy, this boxed set will only be sold at these three locations on Saturday.

Speaking of Record Store Day exclusives, Goner Records participates this year with their official Record Store Day release of No Bunny’s Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll7” EP. And remember that all three participating Memphis locations will have many of the other Record Store Day releases for sale, according to what was available to be shipped their way.So come out and support your local brick-and-mortar record retailer, but be wary of a couple of Record Store Day’s recreational hazards: Record Store Day tends to attract an unfortunate element of get-rich-quick, online record-flippers who can be rather pushy (literally) and who only step foot in record stores for this annual unveiling of limited-edition vinyl (the days following Michael Jackson’s death notwithstanding). Conversely, Record Store Day is always instrumental in introducing people to the growing pastime of record-enjoying/collecting, so experienced readers are encouraged to be helpful and polite when a high-school senior or middle-aged housewife taps you on the shoulder and asks about the best places in town to acquire a new or used turntable. Also, please understand that the three participating locations do not collectively present a truly walk-able afternoon in the same sense as, say, similarly-named St. Patrick’s Day festivities. By “crawl” they really mean “drive.”

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Check out this review I wrote for Dusted….

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….and assist me in overcoming my fear of self-promo…

My review of…Unsane Wreck LP (2012)

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So that’s what I’ve become? Someone who simply regurgitates content found by the bigger and better?

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Courtesy of this post, where you can read all about what you are about to watch (in its entirety, or you can leave)…

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