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Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on December 23, 2012

GE DIGITAL CAMERAI left the cat food (we….or I….feed an outdoor cat or two or three) outside for an hour, on accident but sealed up, and raccoons actually took it to the back corner of the yard, opened it, and seemingly became too full to finish the job.GE DIGITAL CAMERA

And this (not specifically the cat whose name I will not unleash upon the internet), is understandable (totally) to only two people, but was/is part of  some amazing holiday bizness!

Great spirits, health and fortune to all (who deserve it)!
-Andrew Earles

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Since the world didn’t end…

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on December 22, 2012

…I felt the need to remind the dwindling number of people who stop by

(here…not, you know, the HQ of course) that unbelievable miscarraiges in

the human timeline DO HAPPEN. Check THIS OUT.

If I’ve managed to retain any dignity after treading dangerously close to

Wonder Showzen territory (hey, you should check out this lost Wonder

Shozen episode!!), please note that my next post (scheduled

for TOMORROW) will radiate with earnest benevolence. For real.  

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I have some records to unload…

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on December 12, 2012

And they can be found right here or over to the right, at the This Is Why We Are Here Productions page.

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“In this economy?!?” Kylesa, writing about my writing that hasn’t seen the light of day yet, plus absolutely nothing else…

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on December 3, 2012

Item: Look for my  interview with Blake Harrison of Pig Destroyer in the Scion A/V Metal Zine #9, which can be accessed by clicking on these blue words. Oh, it won’t be up/out until the 7th, or so I’m told. I felt like the best career move for me right now would be a return to zine-writing.

Item: Considering the amount of work that has gone into writing that isn’t finished or ready for this self-promotion thing, I should say that I have some fun things on the immediate horizon but should I? What is in concrete forever, though, is this great review Beth wrote (on the new Kylesa “From the Vaults Vol. 1″ 2LP) for AgitReader. You can agitreader it here.


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