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TONIGHT! Friday 2/15/13…I Will Be Interviewed During WNYC/NPR’s “Soundcheck” Program @ 8pm CST / 9pm EST

Posted in Uncategorized by Andrew Earles on February 15, 2013

Tonight’s The Night! For 15 minutes of the one-hour “Soundcheck” program

on WNYC (NYC’s NPR affiliate), I will be interviewed about the Blame

Nirvana: The 40 Weirdest Post-Nevermind Major-Label Albums (follow

that link to read it!) feature that I wrote for in January. Here are

all of your live-listening/archive-listening link options along with other

topically-pertinent exits away from this blog.

Soundcheck’s Facebook Page 

Soundcheck’s Twitter

Soundcheck’s Tumblr

Soundcheck’s Home Page

WNYC’s Home Page





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