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My Husker Du Biography: Some Corrections

A cursory list of corrections/apologies/explanations that should appear in the paperback (or later printings) of Husker Du: The Story of the Noise Pop Pioneers Who Launched Modern Rock by Andrew Earles. This list is a work in progress.

1. My apologies to those who were close to or associated with legendary Warner’s A&R personality, the late Karin Berg. Her name is spelled incorrectly as “Karen” on pages 176 and 177 (as well as the index).

2. “When Grant started to grow his hair out really bad and started to walk around barefoot everywhere, people took notice of that.” – This is a caption in the second picture section. The quote needs the context provided by its surrounding paragraph on page 103, where it also seems out of place due to the use of more quoted Albini content that almost contradicts the statement. I tried to have the caption switched to something else and the paragraph fixed, but this was an example of last-minute friction that didn’t fall in my favor. My apologies to Steve Albini, who provided two excellent and efficient phone interviews for the book.


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