Andrew Earles

The Cimarron Weekend


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  1. @lexdexter (twitter) or Patrick Hayden said, on February 23, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    I got the issue with Robot Hull and Black Oak Arkansas that was briefly available on Goner. (‘Bought an extra and gifted another superfan of yours.) There is a live review therein – whether by you or a colleague, I don’t know – that dispenses with Superchunk as nonchalantly as Forced Exposure’s review of Uncle Tupelo. Part of me wants to scan the two reviews and fly them side by side on some corner of WordPress. But part of me wants a lot of things.

    ‘Really pleased by your still-single reviews, as well as Mosurock’s. To date, you are the only person I know to have called bullshit on Thee Oh Sees (who I like, by the way, but who are very erratic). Also, between you and Mosurock, yall are the only people I’ve read who dare question the hegemony of the Sacred Bones/Hozac access. I keep wondering when their ‘moment’ will end. I quit buying ‘garage’ records when I was 16 because Estrus seemed like a joke, and didn’t really return to the realm of primitive punk until the time of this current, artier variant. I suppose I’m having a gay old time, but something still needs to give. Both the labels still occasionally release good shit, annoyingly enough, or somebody would’ve surely whispered that the emperor’s nude.

    Best wishes to you. I hope more back issues of your lovely zine make the scene soon.

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